Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Scrambled routes in Ogwen

     North Wales always amazes me, there is just so much to do. So much variety of rock types and so many crags. It is always difficult to decide what to do and where to go on a weekend trip to Wales; hit the slate, out to the coast for Gogarth, escape the rainy mountains at Tremadog and the Orme, and deciding which mountain crag to climb on as the list is endless. 
On the lower sections of Dolmen Ridge, Glyder Fach
     Last weekend I headed down to the mountains, leaving the rock boots at home, for a scrambling trip. A big day scrambling in the mountains allows you to cover so much ground and distance linking ridges and buttresses on all faces. Keeping the day fluid and flowing is what appeals to me so much, its just like being in the Alps, where good judgement and decision making can effect the feeling of the route from a mulitpitch to a scramble. 
Sam and Piers nearing the top of the 'Ramp' pitch
     Our first day took us into Cwm Bohlwyd to the back of the cwm towards Glyder Fach. Dolmen Ridge was our chosen route, and it didn’t disappoint providing everything you expect from a scramble. A mixture of belays, exposure and tricky route finding. The route topped out straight onto the summit of Glyder Fach before descending Y Gribin back into the valley below. 
Nearing the top of Dolmen Ridge
     The following day was spent on an up and over Tryfan, ascending the West Face by Wrinkled Tower then descending Bastow Buttress Variant on the East Face. This was a brilliant mountaineering expedition covering a lot of ground whilst escaping the crowds on the North Ridge who passed us on a short break below the Great Tower. I was pleasantly surprised by Wrinkled Tower which had so many different sections giving continued interest all the way to the North Ridge.
Descending Y Gribin, looking across towards Tryfan

     Here are a few photos from the last couple of days testing out my new Go Pro.

On the lower sections of Wrinkled Tower, Tryfan.
                                         Wrinkled Tower, Tryfan
Moving out of the niche belay high on Wrinkled Tower, Tryfan